Here´s the Awesome Pictures From Our Alumni meetings


The wonderful Jennifer Houghton has kindly allowed us access to her photo gallery, where she presents a fantastic overview of the entire event in pictures and videos. You can view the images by pressing the Botton below.

B💋NN - 10-year reunion for the class of '85 - '87 in the DC area in 1997

Approximately 60+ BAHS Alumni met in Tom Dauber’s back yard! Pictures by Dave Stutz.

B💋NN Reunion 2014 in Washington/DC

Approximately 150 BAHS members met in Washington/DC in 2014 and shared the BAHS-Spirit. Photos by Ann Maas Wagner.

B💋NN Reunion 2017 in Bonn

1. Day – Early Arrival

Check in at the Kameha reception. Later we were warmly welcomed by the mayor of Bonn “Ashok-Alexander Sridharan” while we where guests of Kenny Hahne in his L’Osteria restaurant next to the Kameha.

2. Day – House of the History

The House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Museumsmeile in Bonn is a museum dedicated to German contemporary history since 1945.

B💋NN Reunion 1997 in Bonn

Twenty years ago the BAHS Family met in Bonn. And had an amaising time. Shortly before the Bonn American High School closed it`s doors and made room for the BIS (Bonn International School).

We live the spirit of BAHS

We share the feeling.

Caution, risk of infection! No matter where they go or who they encounter on their travels, the Bahs ambassadors spread the spirit of BAHS worldwide. They inspire with their experiences. They touch with their stories. And they inspire with a courage to discover the unknown.