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Review of a Successful Reunion of Bonn American High School in May 2024

The reunion of classmates from Bonn American High School in May 2024 was a resounding success and will be fondly remembered by all participants. The event kicked off with a warm welcome party at the L’Osteria restaurant, where old friendships were rekindled and new connections were made.

The next day featured a visit to our old and new school. It was moving to walk through the familiar halls and see the changes the school has undergone in recent years. In the evening, we enjoyed a Bavarian Night at Salvator, complete with traditional Bavarian cuisine and live music, creating a festive atmosphere.

The highlight of the following day was a breathtaking Rhine cruise to Drachenfelsen in the Siebengebirge. The view of the Rhine Valley was spectacular, offering plenty of opportunities for memorable photos and relaxed conversations.

On Saturday evening, the Prom Dinner took place, styled as a 1970s-themed party. Live music from the 70s, including hits from Abba, set the stage for a lively dance floor and brought back memories of our school days.

To conclude the reunion, everyone gathered on Sunday morning for a farewell brunch at L’Osteria, the place where it all began. For those who wanted to stay a bit longer, there was the option to take a walk to Poppelsdorf Palace and the Botanical Garden via Poppelsdorfer Allee, allowing for a relaxing end to the weekend.

The feedback on this event was overwhelmingly positive. All participants thanked the organizers warmly and headed home with a backpack full of beautiful memories. After the reunion is before the reunion – and we look forward to what comes next!

Rumor has it that there will be another reunion of the BAHS Alumni and Friends in Washington, D.C. in 2026.

The wonderful Jennifer Houghton has kindly allowed us access to her photo gallery, where she presents a fantastic overview of the entire event in pictures and videos. You can view the images by pressing the Botton below.


Our Happy Alumni

We had so much fun seeing old friends and (even better) meeting new ones! The Bonn tie is a strong one!

Barbara Reed

Class of 19..

Really well-organized! Great hotel & location made it even better. Loved seeing old friends & making new ones. Exceeded expectations.

Sally Inada

Class of 19..

We are still savoring the wonderful time we had and the new friendships we made at the reunion. We are deeply grateful to the Hahnes, Maureen, Jürgen, and everyone else who worked so hard to make it such a great experience. It’s one we’ll treasure forever.

My wife Olga and I attended the Bonn reunion in May 2024. Although Olga was initially apprehensive since she didn’t know most attendees, she was inspired by the event and now feels part of the BAHS community. She better appreciates my BAHS connections and stories. I believe non-BAHS spouses who skip these events are missing out, as all who attended, including Olga, were well engaged and enjoyed themselves. Thank you to Hahne’s, Jurgen, Maureen, and others for organizing such a wonderful event. Reconnecting with everyone and making new BAHS connections has inspired us both.

Hunter Marshall

Class of 1977

I recently returned from 10 amazing days in Bonn and Dernau, Germany, for the Bonn American High School Reunion. It was a fantastic experience reconnecting with old friends. Highlights included a tour of the school, Bavarian night, a trip to Drachenfels, a mini-Rhine River cruise, and a prom at Godesburg castle. The bond we formed growing up in Bonn is still strong. Though Bonn has changed, it still feels like home.

Deb Lemmon

Class of 19..

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our 24 Reunion. The perfect mix between reminiscing and social time. 
Many of our 76 classmates did not attend, but in the end it was a blessing in disguise. The perfect opportunity to get to know people from other grades, that I did not know well. I had a blast spending time with them. 
We cannot thank the entire organizing committee enough for putting this event together. You guys did a real nice job. Inviting the Bad Godesberg city official  was a nice touch. 
I am looking forward to coming to the next reunion. Hopefully soon. 
Roberto Leopoldi 

Class of 1976

Let’s not forget the wonderful participants from various regions who made this reunion possible alongside the organizers. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone for coming and participating. Without you, this event would not have been the same.

The BAHS alumni family and friends thrive on your active engagement in social media and events like this. Your presence and involvement make all the difference.

We will miss you and look forward to seeing you again in Bonn soon. 

Jürgen Knees

Class of 1976

thank you for organising it for us Hans Hahne Chris and die gebruder Hahne and of course to Jürgen Knees, Maureen Clyne and others whom I can’t named them… it’s been a great get-together and hope to see all of you again in next reunion…hope so.

oh just in case anyone of you are in the neighbourhood, maybe visiting Indonesia, pls don’t hesitate you’ve got a friend here, ring me pls…. 😃❤️

This was another excellent Bonn Reunion. We had the most number of school years represented so far. It was good to see old friends, as well as meeting numerious new Bonn American High School friends. We are members of a unique group and we must continue to be active together.

Good by
B💋NN 2024

What an incredible reunion we had here in Bonn in 2024! It was such a joy to see all the familiar faces and relive our shared memories. From an ABBA-themed dinner and a Bavarian night to tours of our old school and the surrounding area, visits to the American church and American Embassy Club, a trip to Drachenfels, a Rhine river cruise, and a 70s-themed Prom Night at The Godesburg – each event was truly special.

A heartfelt thank you to each one of you who made this weekend so unforgettable. Special thanks to the Hahne brothers – Chris, Hans, and Wolfgang – for their dedication and hard work in making it all possible.

Here’s to being like the Rolling Stones, and keeping the tradition alive! Until next time! 😊🇩🇪🇺🇸

PS for lots and lots more pics free to download, klick the Botton below!

Jennifer Houghton

Class of 1977

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It is amazing to see the alumni of BAHS and the lasting friendships of those who worked, studied, made friends and made memories at BAHS!!!! The luckiest people in the world to have had that time and experience AND to be able to "hold on to the contacts through time and distance!! Hello to all - "Mrs Harris"
Mrs Harris

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This little Video from our Reunion was created by Miriam Eva Hofmann . The Music is by Permission of her Friend Jan Willem van Delft. Some of the Pictures are made by Jennifer Houghton.

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